Updated 23/12/2017

*** Happy New Year ***
Fiddler On The Roof in April 2018
Rehearsals re-start at Hardwick School 7:30pm in January!

This year, our charity we are supporting is East Anglian Air Ambulance


We are delighted to announce that next year’s show will be Fiddler on the Roof  performed in the Great Barn at Manor Farm in Bourn. 
For those of you who are not familiar with the venue its an enormous Grade I listed barn right in the heart of Bourn village and Fiddler on the Roof is the perfect fit for the venue.

In addition to performing the shows in a new venue, we’re also staging the production a month later on the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th April – yes, that’s right, one additional performance on the Wednesday.

Chichester Theatre Promo as a taster for those who don’t know the show.https://youtu.be/0JsARtWN7yg
See also https://youtu.be/6nwj8nAYEM4 for a clip of “Tradition”. 

Principle parts for auditions:

Tevye (40-60, Baritone/Bass): A loving, hardworking father who faithfully leads his family in the ways of the Jewish tradition. Humble but wise.
Golde (35 – 55, Mezzo/Alto): The sarcastic, domineering but loving wife of Tevye. Hardworking mother to five daughters.
Hodel (16-25, soprano, some dance required): Second-eldest. Strong-willed and sarcastic, like her mother.Chava (Mezzo, 15-20, some dance required): Third daughter. Gentle, intelligent, a dreamer.
Schprintze & Bielke (11 – 15): The two youngest daughters. Youthful and sweet.
Motel (20-35, high baritone): A poor, humble tailor. Childhood love of Tzeitel.
Perchik (20-30, legit tenor, dance required): A handome, slightly arrogant, driven student with revolution on his mind. Hired by Tevye as teacher to Schprintze and Bielke.
Fyedka (16 – 25, non-singing): A Russian with a gentle heart who shares Chava’s love of reading.
Yente (45-65, Alto): The nosey matchmaker of the village. Meddling, bossy, and a whiner.
Lazar Wolf (40-60, tenor): The widowed village butcher.
Fruma-Sarah (35 – 45, range unimportant): Lazar Wolf’s first wife, now dead.
Constable (40 – 60, non-singing)

The Anatevka set build is proceeding well!

Our 2017 show The Producers

Congratulations to the Cast and our thanks to the audience for a memorable run.



Our 2016 show was Peter Pan. Congratulations to all involved and our thanks to the audience.
You raised £1000 for charity.

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Congratulations to the cast on two very well received performances on March 20/21 for our 20th Anniversary production.

Thanks to our audience for supporting both us and this year’s Charity

MS_LogoMultiple Sclerosis Society


We are delighted to announce that we were able to make a donation of £1000 in 2014 to the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity after “The Drowsy Chaperone”



A Message from our Chairman


Bourn Players was established in 1994 and the first of our 18 shows was performed the following spring. Each year, we aim for our show to entertain but above all to be a real community event that also raises money for local charities. These shows are an opportunity for adults and child alike to tread the boards and display the tremendous talents that abound locally. We are always extremely welcoming of new members, whether you wish to display your acting, singing and dancing talents or to get involved in the large number of backstage roles that our productions require. Anyone wishing to get involved in any capacity should contact me at chairman@bournplayers.org.uk

Nick Wareham

Chair, Bourn Players

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