Music-making for people with physical Disabilities

This year Bourn Players are very happy to be able to support OHMI, an incredibly worthwhile charity...

The OHMI Trust is a small charity with an ambitious aim: to afford disabled musicians the opportunity to play the musical instruments they want to play, where they want to play them (at school or home, in a private music lesson or professional ensemble).

Any deficiency to an upper limb, thwarts playing a musical instrument to a reasonable standard. It means that thousands of people – whether through a condition of birth or later life (e.g. stroke, arthritis) – are excluded from music-making.


Eliza’s grandmother contacted us after treatment for a brain tumour caused a one-sided weakness, meaning that Eliza couldn’t play along with her peers at school. We were able to provide a one-handed clarinet, made by Peter Worrell in Norfolk, through the OHMI Hire Scheme. Eliza’s mum writes:

‘Eliza is loving playing her clarinet. She is getting on so well and was chosen to play in assembly this week and has also been asked to join the school orchestra. The sound quality of the clarinet is amazing. OHMI has opened up a whole world of possibilities that we thought had been closed off to Eliza. She is able to play an instrument just as well as her peers and gets so much enjoyment out of it. We are so so so so grateful! I can wholeheartedly say that OHMI is the most fantastic charity to support and is one which makes such a direct and immediate positive impact on people’s lives. Music brings so much joy and to be able to make this gift accessible to people to whom it would not otherwise be accessible to is just so so wonderful.’


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