STINE: A successful novelist who has been given the chance to turn one of his works into a screenplay. He spends the play battling the powerful Hollywood elite, trying to stay true to his ideals and his loyal wife, while remaining envious of the fictional hero that he has created.


GABBY: Stine’s wife and the love of his life . . . if only he could remain faithful to her. She is beautiful, wise and doubtful about the faithfulness of her talented husband. DONNA: Buddy Fidler’s wise-cracking secretary who takes a liking to Stine.


DONNA: Buddy Fidler’s wise-cracking secretary who takes a liking to Stine.


CARLA HAYWOOD: Buddy’s wife who is a beautiful and successful actress. Carla plays the role of Alaura Kingsley in Stine’s film.


BUDDY FIDLER: A movie producer/director in charge of Stine’s screenplay.


WERNER KRIEGLER: A Hollywood actor who appears in Stine’s film as Luther.


GERALD PIERCE: A Hollywood actor who appears in Stine’s film as Peter.


AVRIL RAINES: A lovely young starlet who will do anything to get the part of Mallory Kingsley.


PANCHO VARGAS: A jovial actor who plays Lt. Muñoz in the film.


STONE: The hero of Stine’s novel and film. He is a tough ex-cop who became a private eye. He is irresistible to women, but only has room in his heart for the woman he has lost.


BOBBI: A nightclub singer who is the lost love of Stone’s life. She has a troubled past and present.


OOLIE: Stone’s perfect secretary who cares so deeply for her boss that she fights not to fall in love with him.


ALAURA KINGSLEY: The femme fatale of the story who is as alluring as her name and twice as dangerous.


IRWIN S. IRVING: Buddy Fidler’s film counterpart. Stine creates the character of Irwin S. Irving, an unpleasant movie mogul, to reflect his frustration with Buddy.


LUTHER KINGSLEY: Alaura’s older husband who spends his life in an iron lung.


PETER KINGSLEY: Alaura’s stepson who is good-looking, callow, and appears to be under Alaura’s thrall.


MALLORY KINGSLEY: Alaura’s troubled and highly sensual stepdaughter. She has many secrets.


LT. MUÑOZ: Stone’s partner from when they were both starting out as cops. Their friendship and partnership ended over a woman. Now all Muñoz wants is to put his old friend behind bars.


BIG SIX: A big thug and Sonny’s partner in crime. Sonny is the brains of the duo, and Big Six is the muscle.


SONNY: A small thug and Big Six’s partner in crime. Big Six is the muscle of the duo and Sonny is the brains.


JIMMY POWERS: A young crooner whose presence turns up both in Hollywood and in the film. He is good looking, popular and hopes to make his debut as a movie star.


ANGEL CITY FOUR: An accomplished jazz quartet that guides us through Stone’s world. They also sing backup to Jimmy Powers.


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