South Pacific


Emile's Children Louise Crow Emily Smith
Marie Fiona Radcliffe
Nellie Forbush Alison Wareham
Emile de Becque Jeremy Pemberton
Bloody Mary Anne Mabey
Mary's Assistants Jessica Crow Kerry Reynolds
Stewpot/McCaffrey Nick Bane
Luther Billis Russell Lane
Professor Quentin Beddall
Lt. Joe Cable Nick Warehem
Capt. George Brackett Andrew Turner
Commdr. William Harbison Mike Cawson
Liat Hiliary McLellan
Seabees Jonathan Carey David Cronk
Seth Pemberton Chris Robinson
David Rootes Quentin Stafford-Fraser
Ensigns Jane Bowden Sarah Chapman
Jennie Crow Marian French
Sandra Horner Hilary McLellan
Val O'Reilly Mo Rootes
Islanders Gregory Ball Catherine Bowden
Lydia Cawson Hannah Eamer
Sarah McCuish Francesca Manderson
Kit Mead Becky Mansey
Matthew Owen Hannah Nicholson
Petta Purcell Holly Page
Leila Russell Olivia Robinson
Teresa White Rory Turner

Behind the Scenes

Director Ann Mabey
Musical Director Alan Loader
Band Deborah Bingley, Janet Cronk, Richard Elcock, Vicki Elsdon, Claire Gilmour, Linda Hatfield, Angela Radcliffe, John Scott, Evan Turner, Pat Welsh & Penny White
Choreographer Alison Wareham
Producer Jane Bowden
Stage Manager Marian Smith
Set Design Mandy Owen, Janet Smith, Charlotte Richards, Carmen Robinson, Julia Robinson & Kirsty Marsh
Stage Construction Dick Gentry & Robert Chapman
Lighting Russell Payne, Dave Sewart & Mike Cawson
Sound Colin O'Reilly
Wardrobe Christine Chapman & Wendy Park
Props Tesney Carey & Carmen Robinson
Make-up Pat Russell, Barbara Dyson & Suzie Miles
Artwork Elinor Cole
Publicity Quentin Beddall & Mike Cawson
Programme Quentin Beddall, Elinor Cole, Mike Cawson & Dave Sewart
Treasurer Alan Mansey
Ticket sales Rae Bane
Front of House Tessa Smith & Janet Beddall
Bar Jeremy Cole, Neil Weatherhead & Geoff Russell




The scene is a group of islands in the South Pacific during World War II. Most of the islands are Japanese held and the war has not been going well for the Americans. A company of American sailors (Seabees) and a naval hospital are located on one of the islands away from most of the action. The men are mostly involved in finding ways of relieving the boredom.

Chief among the sailors is Luther Billis, who is never short of a plan to get into some action; whether it be trading or competing with bloody Mary, the matriarchal Tonkinese entrepreneur; taking a boat over to the nearby island of Bali Ha'i, where the exotic Boar's Tooth ceremony take place; or as a member of the Thanks giving Follies, putting on a show for the men, Billis is always in the thick of it!

Nurse Nellie Forbush has joined the navy to see the world and meet different people from those in her small town home of Little Rock, Arkansas. She has recently met Emile de Becque, a middle-aged French planter with a questionable past, and they are obviously attracted to one another.

The island commander, Captain Brackett, and his side-kick Commander Harbison are frustrated at the lack of action until Lieutenant Joe Cable arrives on the island with a plan to spy on the Japanese from behind enemy lines. This is a dangerous mission for which he needs local knowledge which could be supplied by Emile. Will he help? Or is he too smitten with Nellie to be prepared to risk his life for others?

Meanwhile, Joe cable falls for Liat, a beautiful Tonkinese girl, but realizes he cannot marry her because of a deep-seated racial prejudice. Will he go on the dangerous mission? How will he resolve the conflict between his emotions and his prejudices?