Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

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Joseph Des O'Brien
Jacob Basil Jaques
Potiphar Roger King
Mrs Potiphar Debbie Bush
Mrs Potiphar's Maid Helen Nelson
Baker Tina Mead
Butcher Emmeline Lyster
Pharaoh Paul Thorpe
Dancer Sylvia Armit

Musical Director
The Band
Costumes Tina Mead with help from Louise Payne, Emmeline Lyster & Lorraine King. Joseph's coat by Christina Harrison
Rehearsal Repetiteur Ian Harris
Stage Manager Sarah Pleasance with help from Kris Stutchbury and Hannah Pleasance
Stage Design & Scenery Janet Smith with help from Dick Gentry
Lighting & Sound Design Chris Glenton
Lighting & Sound Alex Wareham, Simon Smith
Props Kris Stutchbury
Make Up Jo Madden, Caroline Botha, Lucy King, Kerry Church and others
Sponsorship, Programme Peter Barnes
Artwork & Posters Elinor Cole
Bar/ Front of House Martin Steer, Jeremy Cole, Liz Elbourn, Ian McCuish, George Hay and others


The story of Joseph and his multicoloured coat is one with which we are all familiar from our childhood. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber took on a request from a friend to write a short "end of term" piece for a school and crafted one of the most enduring shows known.

The show is packed with familiar songs including a number one and tunes that will get you humming along long after you have gone home.

The story starts in the ancient land of Canaan where the local patriarch Jacob lives comfortably with his twelve sons and assorted wives and family. Life is fine for all but for Jacob's favouritism for his son Joseph; a favouritism that causes resentment and strife amongst his offspring.

To show his affection for Joseph and let everyone know how special he is, Jacob buys Joseph a stunning coat of many colours. Joseph is overjoyed but this is the last straw for his other sons who determine to do away with the upstart Joseph.

Instead of murder the brothers settle on an easy option and sell Joseph into slavery. He is carted off to Egypt in chains.

Joseph however, is a resourceful chap and when he is bought by a rich Egyptian, Potiphar, he soon makes the most of the opportunity and carves out a comfortable position for himself. Unfortunately, he falls foul of the "evil" wife of Potiphar and is thrown into jail.

Luck, however, never deserts him and he comes to notice of the Pharaoh who needs an interpreter of dreams. Joseph successfully interprets the dreams and Pharaoh releases him from prison and gives him the position of special adviser, Pharaoh's right hand man. Joseph helps guide Egypt through years of famine.

Back in Canaan, Joseph's family are struggling in the famine and decide to go to Egypt to beg for assistance. There, they meet Joseph who recognises them and decides to test them by framing young Benjamin. The brothers pass the test and are reunited with Joseph and all ends happily.