The Wizard Of Oz 2011

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Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, often dreams of what may lie over the rainbow. One day a tornado hits her home town and carries her away to Munchkinland - at the end of the rainbow. The Munchkins fete Dorothy as a heroine. Dorothy wants to go home to Kansas and seeks the help of the kind Sorceress of the North. Only the great Wizard of Oz, says the Sorceress, can help Dorothy get back to Kansas.

Dorothy persuades three friends to accompany her on the trip to the Emerald City to see the Wizard. They are Scarecrow, who lacks a brain, he thinks; the Tin Woodman, who has no heart, and the Cowardly Lion, who would like to have some courage.

The Wicked Witch of the West vows vengeance on Dorothy and does all she can to stop the friends getting to the Emerald City. But they do reach it, and manage to see the Wizard. He will only help them, he says, if they kill the Wicked Witch of the West, an apparently impossible task.

They do succeed, they get all their wishes and the Wizard accompanies Dorothy to Kansas in a rocket ship (balloon in the film!).


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Dorothy and Toto




(Good Witch)


Wicked Witch

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Jenny Bane - Dorothy
Craig Galvin-Scott - Scarecrow
Alistair McLean - Tinman
Steve Pleasance - Cowardly Lion
Alison Wareham - Wicked Witch
Suzanne Wernham - Glinda
Nick Bane - The Wizard of Oz
Paul Thorpe - Oz Guard
Steve Creighton - Uncle Henry
Tina Mead - Aunt Em
"Tiggy" Algar - Toto

The Company
Alison Bourne
Debbie Bush
Graham Carver
Julie Clarke
Denham Pearce
Corin Pearce
Martin Prest
Rachel Speake
Joe Ward
Lucas Tanburn

Helena Wareham
Ellie Simmons
Vicky Unsworth
Holly O’Brien
Claire Haugh

Junior Company
Abigail Palmer
Aimee Ugar
Amy Reed
Stephanie Clarke
Charlotte Hall
Emily Wannap
Ellie Gunn
Francois Verwood
Gemma Harrison
Georgia Barker
Heinrich Verwood
Jordan Thorpe
Lauren Hall
Lewis Thorpe
Naomi Butterfield
Izzy Brunt
Patrick Butterfield
Kate Reed
Anne-Marie Verwood


Ian Harris
Donna Allum
Rob Milman
Lucy Purkiss
Martin Harvey
Robin Livermore
Vincent van Hees
Fiona Dickinson
Tim Clarke
Michael Haller
Angel Bennett
Carmen Robinson
Charlie White
Maria McElroy
James Marshall
Roshan Forouhi
Jen Mentha
Tuomas Klipelainen
Jon Perry
Ben Davidson
Cathy Elks
William Hirtzel
Elizabeth Arndt

Production Team

Des O'Brien - Director
Producer - Tery Wall
Musical Director - Nick Wareham
Choreographer - Di Downing
Costumes - Christina Harrison
Basil Jaques, Dick Gentry, Janet Smith, Des O'Brien - Set
Roger King - Stage Manager/Props
Ian Harris - Rehearsal Repetiteur
Chris Glenton - Sound
George Betson - Lighting
Lewis Mancer - Technical Support
Sarah and Hannah Pleasance - Assistant Stage Manager
Charlie Flint, Shirley Page, Melanie Reed - Additional Costumes
Mavis Wall, Jane Bowden, Debbie Pearce, Emmeline Lyster, Rosie Ugur - Makeup
Debbie Bush - Secretary
Janet Tanburn - Programme




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