Kiss Me Kate 2010


Cast (see images below)

Baltimore Players

Shrew Players

Bourn Players

Lilli Vanessi Katharine "Kate" Tahlia Marvin
Fred Graham Petruchio Des O'Brien
Lois Lane Bianca Alison Wareham
Bill Calhoun Lucentio Daniel Orchard
General Harrison Howell   Steve Pleasance
Hattie Citizen of Padua Debbie Bush
Paul Citizen of Padua Paul Barraclough
Harry Trevor Baptista Joe Ward
Actor Hortensio Alistair Maclean
Actor Gremio Roger King
Gangster 1 "Aide" to Katherine Paul Thorpre
Gangster 2 "Aide" to Katherine Denham Pearce
Pops the doorman Servant Steve Creighton
Stage Manager Haberdasher Nick Bane
Stagehand Servant Quentin Beddal
Stagehand Servant Lucan Tanburn
  Citizen of Padua Adam Venn
Wardrobe Lady Citizen of Padua Alison Bourne
Wardrobe Lady Citizen of Padua Janet Tanburn
The Company   Sara Churchman
    Samantha Marcus
    Julie Symonds
    Rosemary Ugur
    Vicky Unsworth
    Helena Wareham
    Suzanne Wernham

Production Team

Director Mike Sharpe
Producer Des O'Brien
Musical Director Nick Wareham
Choreographer Di Downing
Accompanist Ian Harris
Costumes Julie Maclean
Wardrobe Assistants Jane Bowden
  Judy Hanson
  Christina Harrison
  Emmeline Lyster
Set Basil Jaques
Se Painting Dick Gentry
  Jenny Hildrew
  Penny Jaques
Stage Manager Terry Wall
Props Laura Gentry
Lighting Matt Watson
Sound Chris Glenton
Sound Assistant Lewis Mancer
Makeup Jane Bowden
  Holly Maclean
  Rachel Maclean
  Holl O'Brien
Advertising Quentin Beddal
  Steve Creighton
Programme Janet Tanburn
Band Charlie White
  Stephen Sharpe
  Michael Haller
  Maria McElroy
  Carmen Robinson
  Justyna Michalik
  Tuomas Kilpelainen
  James Marshall
  Robin Livermore
  Tim Clarke
  Roseanna McMahon


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Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter - Book by Bella and Samuel Spewack

Act 1
Ford’s Theatre (Interior), Baltimore Another Op'nin' Another Show
The cast of the Baltimore theatre has its final rehearsals before the opening of a musical version of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew". A play-within-a-play unfolds, where each of the four main cast member's on-stage performance is complicated by what is happening in his or her off-stage life.

Fred takes the roles of director and male lead, Petruchio. His ex-wife Lilli, now a movie star with a reputation for being difficult to work with, plays Katharine, the shrew. Fred's current love interest, Lois, plays the role of Bianca, and the other man in Lois' life, Bill, plays the role of Lucentio.

Before the curtain rises on "The Shrew" we find out that Bill has a gambling problem. He tells Lois that he signed a $10,000 IOU for a debt in Fred's name, instead of using his own name. Not long after Lois begs Bill to stop gambling, two thugs show up at the theatre to make it clear that Bill will have to make good on that IOU. But they confront Fred instead of Bill, since Fred's name is on the gambling debt. Lois asks Bill Why Can't You Behave?

Dressing Rooms of Lilli and Fred Fred and Lilli reminisce together, and their warm feelings for each other return – Wunderbar.
When flowers sent by Fred to Lois mistakenly get delivered to Lilli, Lilli falls even more deeply in love with Fred – So in Love.

Taming of the Shrew Show Curtain We are brought into Shakespeare's world with We Open in Venice.

On stage – Padua We discover that Lucentio (Bill) may not marry his love Bianca (Lois), until Bianca's older sister Katharine (Lilli) the shrew is married off. Bianca enjoys flirting with her gentlemen callers in Tom, Dick or Harry. Fortunately for Bianca and Lucentio, Petruchio (Fred) comes to town looking for a wealthy wife and is not scared off by Katharine. Petruchio explains his goal in I've Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua and Katharine makes her feelings clear in
I Hate Men. Lilli finally discovers that the flowers Fred sent her were actually intended for Lois, and we hear her shriek in outrage from offstage. In Were Thine That Special Face Petruchio sings of his strong feelings for Katharine. Fred and Lilli’s offstage feelings and frustrations are acted out within their on-stage characters and Fred teaches Lilli a lesson [the spanking].

Dressing Rooms of Lilli and Fred Lilli threatens to walk out of the show, and calls her new man. Fred convinces the two gangsters that he will be able to pay them the money he allegedly owes them, if they can make sure Lilli continues to play her role. The gangsters put on costumes and become part of the cast of "The Shrew" to keep Lilli on stage.

On stage - Padua The people of Padua are celebrating the grape harvest – Cantiamo D’Amore. Lilli uses her anger toward Fred to express herself as Katharine for the rest of the show while Fred enjoys being tough as Petruchio – Kiss Me, Kate.
[The Baltimore cast is trying to behave as if all is well while Lilli and Fred play this all out on stage, but leave the stage in disarray at the end of the scene.]

Act 2
Ford’s Theatre (Exterior), Baltimore The second act opens with the cast relaxing outside the theatre – Too Darn Hot.

Taming of the Shrew Show Curtain Fred makes an announcement.

On stage – Padua Petruchio marries Katharine, treats her badly but begins to regret his relatively peaceful single life in Where Is the Life That Late I Led?

The Backstage Corridor Lilli’s new love, the General, has arrived to rescue her. He passes Lois and it is clear that they ‘know’ each other. Lois tells Bill she is Always True to You (In My Fashion).

Dressing Rooms of Lilli and Fred Lilli believes life will be better with the General and the two sing of their love for each other – From this Moment On. However, there is the first indication that perhaps it is the General who the hard man, and that he may in fact be less understanding than Fred.

The Backstage Corridor Bill sings of his love for Lois – Bianca.
When the gangsters call their boss to 'check in', they find out that the boss has been killed. This makes Bill's IOU worthless, so the gangsters can leave. Lilli takes the opportunity to walk off the show and leaves with the General, as Fred reprises So in Love.

Taming of the Shrew Show Curtain The gangsters get caught up in the limelight and pay an unusual tribute to Shakespeare in Brush Up Your Shakespeare.

On stage – Padua Bianca and Lucentio are finally married although Katharine is missing from the stage. As "The Taming of the Shrew" comes to a close, Lilli unexpectedly returns to the stage and continues in the role of Katharine. In this guise she expresses her intention of returning to Fred - I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple. As Fred and Lilli, through their characters, express their love for each other the company reprises Kiss Me, Kate