Summer Nights

Danny Zuko
Sandy Olsen
Betty Rizzo
Patty Simcox

Cheerleaders Dream Girls

Gang boys

Rydell High 1959/Rydell High 1984

Amy Myers, Jade Church, Kelly Dedross, Sarah Ford, Helena Wareham, Autumn Elbourn

Finlay Hay, William Harris, Edward Zanders



We all know the story of Grease from the hit film released in 1978 with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. We all remember what it was like to be 17, slaves to the fashions of the times and to our youthful desires and the film hit the right notes with a cast of characters who lived for the day with no concern for the

Well, we all grow older and that future soon becomes our past. We lose touch with school friends we thought would be an integral part of our lives "forever". We grow nostalgic for our youth, its culture and stars.

And we go to reunions.

And that is where our story starts. It's 1984 and all the gang from Rydell High have been coaxed into attending a 25 Year Reunion at the old school by the Beauty School Dropout herself, Frenchy.

Only, it's not what they would expect a normal reunion to be. Frenchy pays for their tickets "home", their hotels, the band and catering. She insists that they all come for she has a very important issue that she can only settle with their help.

What can this mystery be ? Why are they called from all parts of America and even abroad ? Why is Frenchy so tight lipped ? And where did she get all that money ?

Well, sit back, enjoy your favourite songs and spectacular action from the show, as we let the story unfold.