Anything Goes!

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Reno Sweeney, an evangelist turned nightclub singer Tahlia Marvin
Billy Crocker, Whitney’s assistant Des O’Brien
Mrs Evangeline Harcourt Jane Bowden
Hope Harcourt, her daughter Sarah Steer
Elisha Whitney, Wall Street tycoon Quentin Beddall
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh , an English lord Roger King
Moonface Martin, a gangster Paul Thorpe
Erma, a gangster’s moll Emmeline Lyster
Fred, a bartender Graham Carver
Girl on shore Debbie Bush
Sailor on shore Daniel Orchard
Ship’s Captain Steve Creighton
Ship’s Purser Al Maclean
Minister Alan Ward
Chinamen Katrina Holmes
Amy Lamb
Angels, Reno Sweeney’s showgirls Sarah Weston
Jasmine Whiteside Julie Anderton
Autumn Elbourn
Ensemble:  (Sailors, passengers, FBI agents, reporters)
Adults Nick Bane
Jane Beresford
Debbie Bush
Graham Carver
Katrina Holmes
Daniel Orchard
Denham Pearce
Janet Tanburn
Alan Ward
 Young adults David Cadwalladr
Ellie Crow
Claire Haugh
Amy Lamb
Sam Marcus
Freya Savage
Rosie Ugar
Elizabeth Virgo
Maddy Winnard
 Children Jordan Butterworth
Pandora Elcox
Charlotte Gibbons
Callum Gunn
Honey Hodgson
Honey-Mae Lyons
Kate Reed
Lewis Thorpe
Cheeky, a dog Roxy


Musical Director  Nick Wareham
Keyboards Ian Harris
Drums Charlie White
Bass James Marshall
Reed 1 Michael Haller
Reed 2 Stephen Sharp
Reed 3 Christine Winterbottom
Reed 4 Maria McElroy
Trumpet 1 Robin Livermore
Trumpet 2 Dan Alt
Trumpet 3 Holly Woodley
Trombone 1 Tim Clarke
Trombone 2 Andrew Heckford
Trombone 3 Lisa King

Production Team

Director Denham Pearce
Producer Alan Ward
Choreographer Dianne Downing
Stage Manager Judy Hanson
Set Building Basil Jaques
Set Painting Graham Carver
Lighting Ed Hopkins
Floor Manager Alan Baker
Sound David Stubbings
Costumes Sylivia Armit, Julie Maclean, Rachel Maclean, Tina Mead
Makeup Jane Bowden, Holly Maclean
Props Debbie Bush, Sheila Pierre, Sue Bartlett
Stage Crew Josh Warren, Chris Greenstock, Richard Tanburn
Advertising/Sponsorship Quentin Beddall, Judy Hanson
Programme Janet Tanburn


In its simplest form, the plot involves two mismatched couples finding their correct pairings by the hero having to resort to disguises to get his girl, and his girl being (nearly) unimpeachable. For more detail read on ……

Act I

Shortly before he is about to set sail on the SS American tycoon Whitney tells his assistant Billy to sell some shares. Billy is more interested in his new love, Hope, than in doing his job. However, Hope is to be married to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh.

Also on board ship are: Hope and her mother Evangeline Harcourt; Reno, a former evangelist but now a nightclub singer who would like to be Billy’s girlfriend, and her dancers; Moonface Martin, a gangster on the run who is disguised as a priest; and Erma, a gangster’s moll. Erma’s man has not turned up and Billy spots an opportunity to travel on the ship disguised as Erma’s man Snake Eyes Johnson.

Billy should not be sailing and needs to hide from Whitney. He disguises himself in a sailor suit and is thus able to get close to Hope. Evelyn is delighted to meet the fabulous singer Reno on board. Reno recognises Billy and Moon in their disguises and reconciles herself to losing Billy. In fact, she decides to help him woo Hope, and arranges to be caught in a compromising situation in Evelyn’s cabin to try and break up Hope and Evelyn’s engagement.

The Captain tells the sailors to keep a look out for criminals who might be on board. Billy and Moon change their disguises and convince Mrs Harcourt that Billy is the real Evelyn. Hope is angry with Billy for playing such a trick and pulls off his fake beard. The Captain then sees Billy and thinks he is the gangster Snake Eyes. In fact, the Captain is delighted to have a ‘celebrity’ on board and Billy becomes the centre of attention. Moon tries to get in on the act by admitting that he really is a gangster. Once the attention has died down Billy and Hope spend time together and Billy tries to persuade Hope to marry him.

Act II

The passengers enter for an evening of entertainment by Reno and her Angels. But Reno turns to evangelising and encourages the passengers to confess their sins. Evelyn confesses to having had a dalliance with a Chinese girl and Mrs Harcourt and Hope are horrified.

Billy confesses that he is not Snake Eyes, but just a miserable share-broker. The captain has Billy and Moon arrested.

Evelyn and Reno meet on deck and Evelyn explains he’s not really in love with Hope. Reno finds herself unexpectedly attracted to Evelyn. This is good news for Billy, as long as he can get out of jail. He and Moon get out of jail by playing strip poker with two Chinese and disguising themselves yet again in their clothes.

Hope and Evelyn are due to get married on board – until Billy and Moon, still disguised as Chinese, appear. Reno is also dressed up as the Chinese girl with whom Evelyn had a fling. Evelyn is ‘persuaded’ to do the honourable thing and offer marriage to the disguised Reno. That leaves Billy free to propose to Hope.

Mrs Harcourt is horrified: without her daughter marrying into money they will be poor. Whitney is delighted to step into the breach and offer marriage to Mrs Harcourt. There is a last minute hitch as Billy explains he never sold the shares he was told to sell at the very beginning of the story. Whitney thinks he is ruined and it seems that Mrs Harcourt’s affections might not be strong after all.

Then all is made right as it is discovered that the shares have rocketed and Whitney is very wealthy indeed. Mrs Harcourt discovers that her affections are quite what they should be.

With everyone being themselves and in the correct pairings the show comes to an end.