Cast Information Updates

Rehearsals will generally be at 7:30pm at Hardwick Primary School CB23 7RE.

Provisional Rehearsal Schedule: Fiddler Schedule Provisional, updated 3rd Dec 2017

Updates may be made periodically such as late information relating to rehearsal schedule timing. Currently, email is the usual form of communications – make sure you are registered as a cast member – though we may add WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger prompts at individual member’s request.

Principle parts:

Tevye (40-60, Baritone/Bass): A loving, hardworking father who faithfully leads his family in the ways of the Jewish tradition. Humble but wise.
Golde (35 – 55, Mezzo/Alto): The sarcastic, domineering but loving wife of Tevye. Hardworking mother to five daughters.
Hodel (16-25, soprano, some dance required): Second-eldest. Strong-willed and sarcastic, like her mother.Chava (Mezzo, 15-20, some dance required): Third daughter. Gentle, intelligent, a dreamer.
Schprintze & Bielke (11 – 15): The two youngest daughters. Youthful and sweet.
Motel (20-35, high baritone): A poor, humble tailor. Childhood love of Tzeitel.
Perchik (20-30, legit tenor, dance required): A handome, slightly arrogant, driven student with revolution on his mind. Hired by Tevye as teacher to Schprintze and Bielke.
Fyedka (16 – 25, non-singing): A Russian with a gentle heart who shares Chava’s love of reading.
Yente (45-65, Alto): The nosey matchmaker of the village. Meddling, bossy, and a whiner.
Lazar Wolf (40-60, tenor): The widowed village butcher.
Fruma-Sarah (35 – 45, range unimportant): Lazar Wolf’s first wife, now dead.
Constable (40 – 60, non-singing)


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